KUOYUH provides customers with comprehensive testing and analysis reports.

We have advanced electrical testing lab to simulate harsh environments, conduct durability tests and destructive short-circuit tests to ensure the reliable operation of each of our products.

Our professional engineers have 30+ years of electrical testing experience and understand various safety standards and test specifications (UL, CUL, CSA, TUV, CCC, IEC, SAA, ABYC, SAE, KC, SASO), can provide high-quality customer service to assist and adapt customer's circuit protection requirements.

  • UL1077---1000A Short circuit tester
    UL1077---1000A Short circuit tester
  • UL61058---Switch Testing machine
    UL61058---Switch Testing machine
  • UL1077 reliability test equipment
    UL1077 reliability test equipment
  • Endurance Cycling test equipment
    Endurance Cycling test equipment
  • Electrical Testing
    Electrical Testing
  • Optical Comparator
    Optical Comparator
  • Salt Spray Bath
    Salt Spray Bath
  • Benchtop XRF (Benchtop X-ray Fluorescence)
    Benchtop XRF (Benchtop X-ray Fluorescence)
  • Glow wire test r
    Glow wire test