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The two-in-one overload protector is a composite protection device. In addition to the overload protector, it also has other functions. The specification is 3 amp-20 amp.

KUOYUH provides 3 types of overload protectors, giving customers more choices: (switch + overload protector), (socket + overload protector), (plug + overload protector).

The 94N series is a combination of rocker switch and overload protector, which is small in size and can be installed on the panel. Suitable for small appliances and extension cords, etc.

The 88D series is a combination of AC socket and overload protector, replacing the traditional fuse socket, suitable for treadmills, massage chairs and so on.

UF series is a combination of plug and overload protector, which needs to be coated after connecting the wire. Suitable for power lines, machine tools, etc.

KUOYUH's two-in-one overload protector has passed many certifications, including UL/CUL, TUV, CCC and so on.

The products are widely used, mainly in household appliances, industrial motors, power supply equipment, automobile transportation, ships, machine tools, audio equipment, telecommunications network equipment, medical equipment and other fields.