Product Name : 88D Series Two-In-One Overload Protector
Product Description

88D series two-in-one overload protection socket is a combination of AC socket and protector. It is equipped with C14 socket. There are two kinds of fixing methods: plug-in type and panel lock screw type.

This series of products can replace the traditional two-in-one AC fuse socket and solve the trouble of replacing the fuse when the electrical appliance is overloaded.

88D series products are 3A-15A, suitable for inverters, treadmills, massage chairs, battery chargers, etc.

Product Introduction

Key Features

  1. Following UL1077 Standard, UL60320 Standard.
  2. Trip Free Cycling.


  1. Current rating range : 3A--15A
  2. Input voltage rating : 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
  3. Interrupting Capacity : 125/250VAC x 1,000A(UL 1077)

Testing Performed

  1. Current test : 200% current full-inspect test
  2. Dielectric strength test : 1500VAC/min