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Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker is designed as a protective device to prevent any sparks or flames occuring in a closed and high temperature environment. Usually, an electrical device  certified "ignition protected" is used in boats or some other closed envrioments. Since it is suitable for marines and boats, it is also called marine circuit breaker. 

The main battery of a marine is normally located under the deck where its engine happens to be. This area often contains fuel smoke and a small amount of oxygen. When the traditional fuse or ordinary circuit breaker is "breaking" or "opening" the circuit, sparks tends to appear, which is easy to cause fires. However, if a boat is equipped with high-quality marine circuit breakers, the chances of this kind of danger will be massively reduced. It can effectively avoid sparks occuring in cabins and can withstand the high temperature in the engine compartment.  Therefore, it is an necessary ignition protection on every marine.

KUOYUH provides Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker from 3 amps to 300 amps. Its body is made of bakelite and thermosetting plastic to improve product safety. The terminal part has passed the salt spray test, which is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, ensuring ideal connection and high performance. Also, every marine circuit breaker complies with SAE and ABYC specifications and has passed UL1500 certification and RoHS specification. You can fully trust our products while using. 

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