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Rocker switch a.k.a boat switch, IO switch and power switch. The principle is to switch between ON and OFF through internal rocker hardware. Rocker switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment. The thickness of the hardware and the material of the contacts all affect their specifications. We provide many specifications, such as SPST and DPDT rocker switches, which respectively stands for Single Pole Single Throw and Double Pole Double Throw rocker switches, with or without lights.

Every dpdt/ spst rocker switch is suitable for the use in power supplies, motor control boxes, power strips, power tools, generators, fitness equipment, lamps, coffee machines, food conditioners, refrigeration equipment, uninterruptible power systems, etc.

As one of the renowned rocker switch manufacturers, KUOYUH focuses on satisfying every customer's needs by supplying various rocker switches, including spst rocker switch and dpdt rocker switch. To know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact KUOYUH, leading double rocker switch on off factory from Taiwan.