Product Name : UF Series Two-In-One Overload Protector
Product Description

UF series two-in-one overload protection plug is a combination of type A plug and protector. We only provide plug parts, the rest also need to connect wires and plastic.

This series of products can solve the problem of insufficient product space. Install the overload protector on the plug to save the installation space of electrical products.

UF series production is 5A--16A, suitable for Power strips, Extension cord, machine tools, etc.

Product Introduction

Key Features

  1. Following UL1077 Standard
  2. Trip Free Cycling


  1. Current rating range : 5A--16A
  2. Input voltage rating : 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
  3. Interrupting capacity : 125/250VAC x 1,000A(UL 1077)

Testing Performed

  1. Current test : 200% current full-inspect test
  2. Dielectric strength test : 1500VAC/min