Product Name : 103 Series Auto-Reset-Circuit Breaker
Product Description

103 series automatic reset circuit breaker is a unipolar and freecycle trip protection device. Commonly known as mini ATM Blade circuit breaker.

The body of 103 Series products is made of thermosetting plastic. Plastic cover. Like the fuse, the ampere is distinguished by the color of the cover. It is a circuit breaker designed for the installation of automotive fuse holders.

103 Series is 5A--30A, suitable for ATM-type fuse blocks, marine, RV Car, battery protection, etc.

Passed UL certification. Passed RoHS environmental protection certification…

Product Introduction

Key Features

  1. Following SAE J553 Standard and SAE J1171 Standard.
  2. Trip Free Cycling.
  3. Use UL-Rated 94V-0 Thermosetting plastic body.


  1. Current rating range: 5A--30A
  2. Input voltage rating: 32VDC
  3. Interrupting capacity: 2,000A / 28VDC

Testing Performed

  1. Current test: 200% current full-inspect test
  2. Dielectric Strength Test: 1500VAC/min

Safety Certification

  • Electrical appliances certification: SAE

Add-on Service

Regarding laser printing, we provide OEM service. (not yet)

As for packages, we provide customers with customized services.