Product Name : 98 Series Push-To-Reset Circuit Breaker
Product Description

98 series push-to-reset circuit breaker is a unipolar, single-push reset thermal protector product, used to protect motor equipment. Volume is bigger than 88 Series, current load is higher than 88 Series. It is a reliable circuit protection device.

This series is the earliest developed series, the product is very mature with good durability, uses bakelite as the main body, can endure 850° in glow-wire test, and provides various accessories such as nuts and waterproof caps to give customers a variety of choices.

98 Series is 3-50 amps, Suitable for European power strips, uninterruptible power systems (UPS), inverters, water pumps, mobility scooters, machine tools, generators, battery protection, motor protection, etc.

UL/CUL(North America), CSA(Canada), CCC(China), TUV(Europe), SAA(Australia) certified. UL1500 Ignition protection Certification certified. Passed RoHS environmental protection certification…

Product Introduction

Key Features

  1. Following UL1077 Standard, EN60934 Standard, IEC60934 Standard.
  2. (Cadmium-free contacts)Comply with European environmental protection requirements.
  3. Use bakelite as the main body. High-temperature resistance. High security.
  4. Trip Free Cycling


  1. Current rating range: 3A--50A
  2. Input voltage rating: 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
  3. Interrupting Capacity : 125/250VAC x 1,000A(UL 1077)

Testing Performed

  1. Current test: 200% current full-inspect test
  2. Dielectric strength test: 1500VAC/min
  3. Glow-wire test: 850°

Safety Certification

  • Electrical appliances certification: UL, CSA, CB, VDE, TUV, CCC, SAA
  • Environmental standards: RoHS, REACH

Add-on Service

Provide sleeves to ease the nuts installation, and increase efficiency.

As for packages, we provide customers with customized services.

Regarding laser printing, we provide OEM service.