Product Name : 98HAR Series Auto-Reset-Circuit Breaker
Product Description

98HAR Series Automatic-Reset circuit breaker is a unipolar and free cycle trip protection device, used to protect motor equipment. 98HAR is high current circuit breaker, volume is bigger than 98AR Series. It is a reliable circuit protection device.

Use bakelite as the main body, Can endure 850° in glow-wire test.

98HAR Series is 40-80 amps. Suitable for electric wheelchairs, mobility scooter, ATVs, winches, battery protection, motor protection, inverters, etc...

UL(USA) certified.

Product Introduction

Key Features

  1. Following UL1077 Standard.
  2. High current circuit breaker : High Current Interrupt Capability.
  3. Use bakelite as the main body. High temperature resistance. High security.
  4. Trip Free Cycling.


  1. Current rating range : 40A--90A
  2. Input voltage rating : 125/250VAC; 32/50VDC
  3. Interrupting Capacity : 125/250VAC x 1,000A(UL 1077)

Testing Performed

  • Current test : 200% current full-inspect test
  • Dielectric Strength Test : 1500VAC/min
  • Glow-wire test : 850°

Safety Certification

  • Electrical appliances certification : UL
  • Environmental standards : RoHS

Add-on Service

Provide sleeves to easen the nuts installation, and increase efficiency.

Regarding wire installation, we provide anti-slip screws to customers for easy installation.

As for package, we provide customers with customized services.