Date : 2019/08/13

The main cause of overload

There are several possible reasons for the overload :

1. Different voltages in different countries cause overload when using the product.

For example, inserting a 1500 Wat small oven on Xiaomi’s extension cords in Taiwan. According to the specifications of Xiaomi’s extension cords, about 1100 Watts of electrical products can be loaded. Due to the different voltages and the wire diameter is too thin, the product is prone to overheating, and the use of a 1500 Watt oven will definitely overload.

Remark :

* Taiwan voltage is 110V.

* Taiwan’s extension cords specification : 15A Overload protector; Wire diameter is 2cm².

* Xiaomi’s extension cords : 10A Overload protector; Wire diameter is 1cm².

2. Improper choice of wire cross section, causing the actual load has exceeded the safe current of the wire.

For example, retail marine overload protector (100A) has a large amperage, need to use thicker wires (32mm² ). If a thinner wire is used (13 mm²), the wire tends to overheat, making the thermal overload protector more susceptible to overload.

(The figure is SAE J553 specification )