Date : 2019/08/22

Volume problem of overload protector

There are many types of overload protectors on the market, for example, large, small, long and flat, you name it. Than why do you need so many kinds of overload protector? Usually they are designed to meet the design needs of various industries. The following are the products of my company in different product designs.

First of all, I want to introduce the 98 series of products. This historic breaker has existed since WWII. After structural improvement, it has evolved into the 98 series of our company. Its volume (35*31*14.4 mm3) is larger than our other product. Mainly used in large volume products, such as marine panels, generators or submersible motor control boxes. As shown below.

Later, in order to meet the needs of customers, the factory reduced the volume of 98 series products, thus deriving the products of the 88 series products. Due to the reduced size (29.2*22.6*14.4 mm3), the carrying current value has also dropped, and it is only suitable for electronic products below 30 amps. Due to the large amount of use, this product has become the most popular overload protector. Most commonly used in row plugs, marine panels, UPS, inverters, treadmills, etc. As shown below.


Some customers think that the 88 series products are too wide, the breaker needs to be designed in a slender space, so the 92 series products appeared, and its volume is 39.5*13.5*15 mm3. This slender circuit breaker is often used in equipment room (PDU) and transformers, as shown in the figure.


In addition, the customer feels that the breaker volume is still too large, and it is not suitable for installation on some small current motors, so the volume needs to be reduced. (The relative amperage of the load can be reduced, and if the fire rating is to meet the requirements, a higher order plastic is required.) The relative volume becomes smaller, and it is more difficult to achieve the safety level. Therefore, we made a great change in the structure, derived from the 91L series, its volume is 26*18.8*8 mm3. This small and beautiful product is often used in home appliances, such as meat grinders, vacuum cleaners, juice machines, coffee grinders, kitchen grinders, as shown.


We actively develop various types of products to meet the needs of our customers. There are still many styles I have not introduced yet, you can see our product category below.