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The push-to-reset circuit breaker is a single-pole and single-push-to-reset protection device. It is also a Trip Free Cycling circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker and the motor are connected in series. When the current is overloaded, the bimetallic sheet is thermally deformed and then jumps out by pushing the pole and blocking the contact path, tripping the circuit breaker, and protecting the motor from overheating.

KUOYUH can provide the push-to-reset thermal circuit breaker between 0.5amps and 300amps. We provide various types of circuit breakers for customers to choose from depending on volume, current load, and installation method.

KUOYUH's circuit breaker is certified by IEC, UL/CUL(USA), CSA(Canada), CCC(China), TUV(Europe), KC(Korea), SAA(Australia), etc. As well, UL1500 Ignition Protection Certification certified, and obtained RoHS environmental protection certification.

Our push-to-reset thermal circuit breakers are widely used, mainly in household appliances, industrial motors, power supply equipment, automobile transportation, marines, machine tools, audio equipment, telecommunications network equipment, medical equipment, and other fields. If you have any demands for our products, welcome to contact us anytime.